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Why I Love My Job

April 14, 2009

I just returned from Maui where I was part of the very special wedding day of Nakia and Andrea. This wedding had everything I love about weddings…it was intimate, the couple was able to maintain perspective throughout the planning and it, of course, had great style! I can hardly wait to share the pictures. But alas, we will have to wait and instead, I wanted to share the lovely email I received in my inbox this morning from Andrea. It may seem silly, but what I love most about my job is not the beautiful flowers, the luxurious linens or even the travelling to exotic destinations (though these things are pretty great!). Instead it is the warm and fuzzy stuff that really keeps me going. I live for the hugs at the end of the night from the mother of the bride who was so nervous about everything going just right. I love to observe as guests bask in the environment that was completely created with the couple in mind. And, of course, thank you notes like these always remind me that I was part of something very special.

Dear Beth,

Nakia and I just returned home to San Francisco today, and I just had to take a moment to get on email to get in touch with you. We have been talking nonstop about our wedding day since the big event, essentially replaying it over and over like a movie in our heads. We absolutely LOVED how special our day turned out to be, and we just can’t thank you enough for turning our vision into reality. Nakia and I agreed that having you as our wedding planner was one of the best decisions we made; truly it was only because of you that we were able to relax on our wedding day and simply enjoy being present in the moment. I can’t begin to express what a gift this was to both of us!

I look forward to catching up with you once you return home and get settled. Naturally I’d love to “re-live” the day with you…

Take care, Beth, and thanks again for making our day so beautiful and memorable–


Thank you Andrea & Nakia for allowing me to be a part of your world for a brief period of time. You were such a joy to work with! For everyone else, stay tuned for pictures from this wedding!

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