I’ve never, ever been a morning person.

When I was a little younger, I would have been able to sleep in until past noon, but now that I’m a little older, it feels like I’ve let the day go to waste if I can’t enjoy the morning. Getting out of bed, however, is another issue altogether.

Here are my favorite reasons to get out of bed early…to carpe that diem!

01: Getting ready in the morning has an almost zen like experience for me – when I put on my face, it’s almost like asking myself who I want to be, today? A little winged eyeliner makes me feel a little more bossy, and a red lip gives me more confidence. My favorites products for that, here and here.

02: There is something magical about morning light. It just seems whiter, cleaner, and makes everything a little prettier. As a blogger, a lot of my photos are also taken during this time and it truly creates the most stunning images…..

03: Working out in the morning is tough. I’m not going to lie – but doing so in the morning keeps your metabolism up for the day and your body keeps burning fat. Not only that, but working out gives you a pretty pink flush in your cheeks – so you can skip the blush for the morning!

04: COFFEE. I have such a love affair with coffee – my favorite way to drink it is with a little splash of almond milk. And this gold foiled glass mug just makes it all the prettier, too.

05: I’ve recently started to become obsessed with breakfast – and even though mornings are basically one mad rush sometimes, I still manage to squeeze in some delicious oatmeal. If you make them the night before, you’re cutting down on your prep time by 20 precious minutes! Some of my favorite overnight oats recipes, right here. 

Hope you’re having a great morning, too!

x, Jody

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